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Lovell Field Airport 0 5 0 0

Lovell Field Airport

FAA: CHA, Chattanooga, Tennessee - Elevation: 683ft.
  • Sectional Chart: Atlanta
  • Pattern Altitude:


CTAF: 118.3
UNICOM: 122.95
ATIS: 119.85
  • RUNWAYS:2/20 7400 x 150 ft. Asphalt/Grooved. High intensity lights. 15/33 5000 x 150 ft. Asphalt. Med. intensity lights.
  • SERVICES:100LL Jet-A Fuel. Hangars and Tiedowns.
  • PHONE:
  • WEB:

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  • Address:
  • GPS:

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Transient aircraft avoid security zone within 300 ft of terminal building.

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