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Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport

Deer and birds on and in vicinity of airport. Noise abatement procedures in effect. School 3500 ft off runway end.

Morrisville-Stowe State Airport

Glider operations May-Oct use right traffic for adjacent turf. Calm wind Rwy 1.

Salt Lake City International Airport

Runways 17/35 and 14/32 used primarily for GA operations. Runways 16L/34R and 16R/34L are primarily air carrier runways.

Port Isabel-Cameron County Airport

Heavy grass encroachment Rwy 3/21. Banner towing operations in area.

Lovell Field Airport

Transient aircraft avoid security zone within 300 ft of terminal building.

Pickens County Airport

Noise abatement procedure in effect

Block Island State Airport

No line of sight between runway ends. Climb on runway heading to shoreline after takeoff. Watch for birds / deer.

McMinnville Municipal Airport

Calm wind Rwy 22. Watch for birds. Gliders Mar-Nov, Rwy 17/35. Flight service station on field. Extensive cracking, Rwy 17/35.
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