“For the price of a good speeding ticket, you could Fly In”

Are you tired of the grind up and down the Interstate Highway system, either mindlessly enduring the lack of scenery, or suffering through the seemingly endless oceans of traffic in and around the inner-cities and suburbs? The founders of Fly In Vacations certainly were. After changing their thinking and making a few trips by light aircraft, they realized that for the cost of a well equipped SUV they could buy an airplane and reach their destinations in half the time, while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the California Coastline, the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, or the awe inspiring beauty of the Eastern Seaboard.

Fly In Vacations was established to promote, encourage and support travel by light aircraft. For those who think outside of the box, travel by light aircraft provides a fun, exciting, convenient form of business and leisure transportation. Fly In Vacations is your source for information on airports, hotels, restaurants, community events and recreational activities. It is a one stop guide to help you decide where to fly for a weekend away, a lengthy vacation or your next business engagement.

Think about it: No speed limits, highway patrol, truckers, traffic jams, road hazards, drunk drivers, road-rage. Nothing but clear blue sky.

Come join us…we’ll see you above the clouds!

Pilot Preview