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Lake Texoma State Park Airport

Recommend land Runway 36, take off Runway 18, winds permitting. Runway dips at center.

Burke Lakefront Airport

Traffic pattern over lake. Rwy 6R/24L closed when tower is closed.

Grand Forks International Airport

Heavy student training activity within 15 miles of airport.

Saratoga County Aiport

Calm wind Rwy 23. Glider activity on weekends. Avoid flying over arts center 3 nm east.

Alamogordo-White Sands

Calm wind Rwy 21. Watch for ultralights, gliders, helicopters, and hang gliders. 8000 ft. mountains 4 nm northeast. Avoid restricted areas R-5107 (4 nm west),…

Aeroflex-Andover Airport

Parallel grass and asphalt active runways. Many aircraft operating without radios. Flight training operations.

Alton Bay Seaplane Base

Runway 1/19 pline marked with orange balls 1000 ft. south of threshold at south end. All takeoffs and landings must be north of the bandstand.
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